Yassss Queen👑

OMGeeee these new furry heels are so HOT🔥  I had some leftover amazon gift card dollars so I bought these ON SALE!!!  I am SO HAPPY they are so freakin sexy.   Sissyfag My fur slave has really enlightened Me on the sexiness of fur.  I am in LOVE with all kinds of fur now❤️  I added the other color to My wishlist because they look soooo good!  Buy them bitch!!



Now that I get My biweekly allowance from Sissyfag, I will be doing ALOT more shopping for good steals,  More heels,  More jewelry more more more!!! oink oink🐷  Knowing My allowance arrives in My email every other Monday is so exciting!  The rest of you losers are BEHIND…hurry up and sign up and make your Goddess happy too.  So much fun buying goodies with Sissyfags’ cash…


a NEW purse… found on sale for $70! checkout that retail price DAMN


Beauty products…


loooooser in Norway bought My favorite scent Calyx…its citrus and fresh 🍋thanks bitch!

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