Weed Gummies are the Best 🌿

I have really been enjoying my weed gummies from My LA trip.  They keep Me feelin soooo good!  I had such a blast in LA buying all kinds of weed…gummies, oils, cookies, brownies, flowers, and gourmet chocolates!  I can’t wait to go back this summer.  Who wants to pay for My next trip???  Speak up loser…


In other great news…pig reactivated My amazon allowance after taking a break over the holidays.  Here is what I got for the last 6 weeks with more to come! GODDESS LOVES ALLOWANCE💕💰



My mani pedi came out pretty good….what you think?  I used some of the cash from bitch Malcolm in the UK for a day a full mani pedi at the salon.  Looks good feels good thanks bitch!

After my trip to the salon, pig PAID for a nice foot massage👣 at the spa…it was really dark and peaceful so I had to sneak a pic.    thanks pig oink oink🐷


I can’t wait to wear My new kicks from one of My local bitches.    They are sold out everywhere!!  So PERFECT I Love them❤️

Cock Lock for honky🔒


My pathetic college student slave honky BEGGED Me to lock him up in chastity!  I mean begged for months… but somehow I knew he wasn’t ready.  he only had it on 10 minutes then started going crazy!!  Big ole PUSSY.  honky can’t stand up to any sort of challenge.  he is as weak as they come….but still very entertaining😁

Juicy Burgers on this Cold Rainy Day🍔

Yum yum bitch Malcolm is such a loser…he eagerly sent Me cash to buy me cheeseburgers, fries, and shakes so I can pig out and while watching movies on this rainy dreary day. My Uk white boy is useful at times when he is not asking Me tons of questions and BEGGING to be Owned. What a worrisome bitch he can be. Maybe I will treat him to a glimpse of My beauty in cam ☺ Then again…maybe I won’t😈

Vacation was Awesome☀️

bitch Malcolm in the UK BEGGED Me to take his pic down so I made him PAY for My hotel stay in Beverly Hills 🙂 he was so DESPERATE to be in My good graces again that he gave Me the login for his paypal account so EVERYTIME he makes a sale on Ebay, I TAKE THE MONEY!!! That’s right…when he gets PAID…I GET PAID💰

I logged in HIS account and laughed when I saw all the payments he made for My trip! bitch was selling like CRAZY lol. oink oink lil piggy🐷 Don’t stop now white boy! Make more More MORE for GODdess..Thank u bitch

Birthday in LA 🎉🎉🎉

I am soooo looking forward to spending My birthday in LA next week! Time with family, dinners, bar hopping and alot of nightlife is My plan for vacation. If you want to chip in and PAY for My dinner…click the link below and BUY IT BITCH!!! Send gift cards to Msbeautyisboss@gmail.com oink oink🐷

There’s a Rat in the Pack🐀

I will find out who the traitor is in this camp! One of you pussy ass bitches tried to report My site, so in return I posted ALL of your ugly mugs for everyone to see! I will not remove your pics from the sidebar so don’t ask. I may not even bother updating all of the pictures that have to be added again. you don’t even deserve it…especially you lurkers I SEE YOU. Remember, I am the REAL Bitch, I don’t care about your feelings…I ONLY WANT YOUR MONEY 💰

In the meantime, you HOs know My birthday is next week! Click the birthday link above or below and buy Me a gift card bitch. I am going to LA for a week and I give you boys permission to chip in and PAY for it! u are Welcum 🙂

Hey HOs!!

Yes I am back!! My site went down still not sure why. I’m thinking one of you pussy ass bitches tried to report Me but as you see that did NOT WORK! Now I will have NO mercy on you hoes. you can try and hide all you want but I SEE YOU👀

Merry Christmas boys🎅🏾

I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday. Just had to show off My NEW Christmas boots from freakboy💓  OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE them.  Thanks for all of your gifts too!  BUT, if you been a drag ass…Don’t worry it’s not too late…click click and buy Me something too😊

My Christmas List!